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People of [some] religious backgrounds find it unacceptable. But is it something that is sex-positive? I absolutely think it is. It might lead to an improvement in the sexual relationship when he comes home. Not everyone communicates about their sexual needs during deployment. Doing so helps strengthen other areas of their relationships and hypes anticipation, Monica says.

They each tried to be explicit with their husbands, but that only served to increase frustration.

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Waiting also led to a steamy reunification for Monica. Rather than hop right into bed, she and her husband watched the Super Bowl and had terrific foreplay during the commercials. Here are some ideas from military wives and Dr.

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Joy Davidson on creating a blissful encounter:. Not ready for a hop in the sack just yet? Build up slowly with a make-out session. The rest will follow. The holidays are now in full swing.


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Should military marriages include a 'deployment sex pact'?

Depression and other mental health issues are real problems facing the community of military wives. With their main support overseas, too many women find themselves suffering in silence. Relive the passion - Find your affair!